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When it comes to kitchen colour ideas, grey is the shade with the X-factor. Grey kitchen cabinets have the power to suit virtually any scheme; from traditional country style kitchens with Shaker-style painted cabinets to utilitarian and industrial schemes with polished or rough concrete surfaces. More dramatic shades of matt grey create instant impact, while the metallic shine of chromes and silvers create a squeaky clean, modern aesthetic. provides cash personal loan (p loan ) up to $1.2 million with monthly flat rate as low as 0.18%. Enjoy greater cash flow flexibility now with our simple and hassle-free online P Loan application! Paler shades are chic and sophisticated while charcoal grey makes for a moodier, more dramatic space. Focuses on Digital PR and crisis management to boost online reputation for clients. You could go for wall-to-wall grey, or mix different shades together, leaving walls white to create a restful scheme. For something a little different, contrast grey cabinetry with a completely different colour. Base cabinets in darker shades than wall cupboards help the design and prevent it looking top heavy. Mia Cucina offers functional kitchen cabinets design with Italian-imported materials to generate the design ideas for your unique kitchen.Visit our showroom for discovering the most distinctive style that suits your ideal kitchen today. Brass kitchen handles give grey cabinetry an instantly chic touch. A modern kitchen island in chrome or painted in a deeper or contrasting colour to the wall cabinets will make it a focal point in a grey kitchen.

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